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What does JetCard PLUS do?

Our range of services include: private jet membership, aircraft sales and management and private aircraft charter.

How does the membership program work?

As a  JetCard Member, you will have the same advantages, flexibility, and security as a private aircraft owner. The JetCard acts like a debit card and offers the flexibility to exchange pre-paid aircraft hours for the aircraft type that is best suited to fit each member’s needs. Our Platinum and Black Jetcards offer complimentary ground and catering services on all flights, exceptional 24-hour concierge service and support staff, flexible aircraft category, no hidden fees, superior safety requirements, and the industry’s most affordable rates. JetCard’s are available in denominations of $100K, $250K, and $500K. Based on your deposit amount, you receive the following benefits:

You will receive a detailed statement of your utilization and ancillary charges for each flight based on the estimated flight time and the hourly rates. Your account balance will be debited for services rendered at the conclusion of each flight.

As of Spring 2011, the all inclusive JetCard hourly rates are:

JetCard PLUS Aircraft Network:
(Aircraft’s average age of 3 ½ years and never older than 10 years)

Light Jet:
One way: $4,500 / hr
Round Trip: $3,750 / hr
Mid-Size Jet:
One way: $6,300 / hr
Round Trip: $5,100 / hr
Heavy Jet:
One way: $10,200 / hr
Round Trip: $8,900 /hr

JetCard Signature Aircraft Network:
(Aircraft’s age is not guaranteed. Same safety standards as PLUS.)

Light Jet:
One way: $3,950 / hr
Round Trip: $2,950 / hr
Mid-Size Jet:
One way: $5,100 / hr
Round Trip: $4,100 / hr
Heavy Jet:
One way: $7,950 / hr
Round Trip: $6,500 / hr

The JetCard Membership has: no limit on flight hours, the flexibility to use multiple aircraft types, no fuel surcharges, no maintenance fees, and is the best value for your private jet dollars.

How does JetCard PLUS’ Membership program compare to other Jet Card Programs?

The prices were based on publicly available data and were estimated on April 2010. As prices are subject to change, JetCard PLUS does not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided in the comparison chart above.

Can I change sizes of aircraft?

Yes. You may choose to utilize your aircraft hours on light, mid-size, or heavy aircraft depending on your itinerary and the size of your travelling party. You may also utilize multiple aircraft simultaneously.

How do I choose an aircraft for each trip?

JetCard PLUS Members have access to Light, Mid-size, and Heavy jets for each and every trip. Our Client Services Department will consult with you to determine the most appropriate jet for each trip. Factors to consider when selecting an aircraft include the number of passengers, luggage requirements and the distance to be traveled.

Thanks to JetCard PLUS’ wide network of operating partners, our Members never face an issue of all aircraft in the fleet type being in use when they want to travel, like with some fractional providers. 

Light Jets (6 passengers)

Light jets are the most economical choice for short and mid-range trips. Light jets have a non-stop range of 1,000-1,300 sm and typical speeds of 380-490 mph. A Light jet is often the choice for flights under 3 hrs. Light jets have limited baggage capacity and often cannot accommodate skis or multiple golf bags.

 Mid-Size Jets (7-8 passengers)

Mid-size jet aircraft optimally blend comfort, performance and economy for medium length flights. With a nonstop range of 1,550-2,000 sm and average cruising speeds between 420-490 mph, a Mid-size jet can travel further, faster and with more comfort than light jets while operating in and out of airports not accessible by the major airlines. Most of the Mid-size jet aircraft have external baggage storage and accommodate a reasonable amount of luggage. Mid-size jets offer a private enclosed lavatory. 

Heavy Jets (10-15 passengers)

Heavy jets are top-of-the-line executive aircraft offering optimum performance and amenities for long-range flights. With an average non-stop range of 3,300-4,500 sm and average cruising speeds of 500-600 mph, a Heavy jet is the optimal choice for coast to coast travel, or when travelling with a large group and additional luggage. Amenities usually found onboard Heavy jets include: a private lavatory, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax, and a full galley. A flight attendant is guaranteed on all Heavy jet flight to enhance your flight experience.

How do I book a flight?

To book a flight: simply call on your personal JetCard PLUS representative who will work with you to determine which aircraft type and size best suits your travel needs. All accommodations and special requests can be handled during the same call. You can also call our offices at 888-538-6389 or email to info@jetcardplus.com.

Are there any hidden charges added to the hourly fee?

No, landing fees, airport charges, fuel, pilots, management, insurance, and maintenance are all included in the enplaned hourly fee.

How much prior notice must I give before my flight?

48 hours advance notice during non-peak periods.

How does JetCard PLUS ensure the safety of its passengers?

At JetCard PLUS, we surpass the industry’s standards, taking the government’s baseline regulations and expanding on them. All JetCard PLUS’ aircraft are required to exceed minimum ARG/US and/or Wyvern standards prior to being considered for use. Aircraft routinely undergo regular onsite safety and quality assurance audits. In addition to mandated hourly minimums, pilots must complete 2 weeks of simulator training annually and have an updated physical every 6 months.
Less than 1/3 of aircraft that the FAA has certified as charter eligible achieve the standards that we employ at JetCard PLUS. Further reassurance is guaranteed on each flight with a TripCheq Report providing a detailed outline of the specific aircraft selected, including maintenance history, pilot time in type, and record governance to assure that the aircraft meets the JetCard PLUS standards.
With the threat of terrorism constantly looming, private aviation is by far the safest way to travel.
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Who flies JetCard PLUS?

JetCard PLUS has forged long-term relationships with various Fortune 500 company executives, professional athletes and celebrities in entertainment who turn to the company for their private aviation needs. Clients include: Microsoft, HBO, Sony/BMG music, McDonald’s, Coors Brewing Company, Goldman-Sachs, Visa, CNN, AAA, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Rock-A-Wear. JetCard PLUS also maintains a high-profile list of celebrities and star-athletes that use their private aviation services.

How many airports can I access as a Member of JetCard PLUS?

In the U.S. alone, there are 3,000 airports available for JetCard PLUS Members’ use, versus 550 airports serviced by scheduled commercial airlines.

Can I fly to International destinations with JetCard PLUS?

Yes. JetCard PLUS can arrange private flights to virtually any international destination. Please call our offices at 888-538-6389 or email to info@jetcardplus.com.

Is there a JetCard PLUS office location near me?

JetCard PLUS’ headquarters are located in Miami, FL. There are also 2 satellite offices in Boston, MA and Chicago, IL.