PLUS Level aircraft are comparable to the U.S. fractional fleet with an average age of 3 ½ years and never older than 10 years.

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Light Jets (6 passengers)

Light jets are the most economical choice for short and mid-range trips. Light jets have a non-stop range of 1,000-1,300 sm and typical speeds of 380-490 mph. A Light jet is often the choice for flights under 3 hrs.

Light jets have limited baggage capacity and often cannot accommodate skis or multiple golf bags

Learjet 31A

Citation Bravo

Citation Encore

Citation Ultra

CJ 2

CJ 3

Beech Jet 400A

Premier 1

Mid-Size Jets (7 passengers)

Mid-size jet aircraft optimally blend comfort, performance and economy for medium length flights. With a nonstop range of 1,550-2,000 sm and average cruising speeds between 420-490 mph, a Mid-size jet can travel further, faster and with more comfort than light jets while operating in and out of airports not accessible by the major airlines.

Most of the Mid-size jet aircraft have external baggage storage and accommodate a reasonable amount of luggage. Mid-size jets offer a private enclosed lavatory.

Featured Mid-Size Jet - Hawker 800XP

Learjet 60

Hawker 850XP
Hawker 4000

Citation X

Citation Excel

Citation VII

Citation Sovereign

Gulfstream 100

Astra Series

Heavy Jets (10 passengers)

Heavy jets are top-of-the-line executive aircraft offering optimum performance and amenities for long- range flights. With an average non-stop range of 3,300-4,500 sm and average cruising speeds of 500- 600 mph, a Heavy jet is the optimal choice for coast to coast travel, or when travelling with a large group and additional luggage.
Amenities usually found onboard Heavy jets include: a private lavatory, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax, and a full galley.

A flight attendant is guaranteed on all Heavy jet flight to enhance your flight experience.

Gulfstream V

Challenger 604

Embraer Legacy

Gulfstream 200

Gulfstream 350

Gulfstream 450

Gulfstream 550

Global 5000

Global Express

Falcon 900 Series

Falcon 50X

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000X